TomTom XL QuickGPSFix Update Issue

I have a TomTom XL GPS and I am quite happy about it. One of the nice features TomTom provides is QuickGPSFix. It basically contains ephemeris data of where the different GPS satellites will be for the next 7 days and easily reduces the time it takes to get a GPS signal, in my car at least, from over 3 minutes to under 20 seconds. Big plus.

Unfortunately this seemed to have stopped updating a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t quite figure out why. My device was still listed under the supported devices and I did not disable any option yet no QuickGPSFix updates were available.

As it turns out I guess one of the updates failed and blocked the entire process. Removing all the data in the C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\ephemeris\ and restarting the TomTom HOME application fixed it. When I checked for updates a new QuickGPSFix update was available and has been successfully transfered to my device.

Happy again. :-)

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